Подарок от нас - подарок на всю жизнь!

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How to make an order?

1. Choose the supplementary button "Production". Find the group of articles you are interested in. Look over all available samples and pick the one you want by clicking on its' title.

2. You'll move to the page of detail description of a product. If you'll decide to order the product, you should set the number of samples and click on the button "place to the basket". All marked products are placed to the "basket".

3. To look through the list of the samples you'd choose, go the "basket". Make sure that you'd ordered all that you wanted to. You can change the number of samples with the help of buttons "+", "-". Than you should refresh the basket with the help of corresponding command. You can add new items to the basket in the section "Production".

4. Fill the form of an order. You can ask all questions you are interested in, or tell us all your wishes, remarks and additions in any amount of information in the column "additional information". Conditions of a delivery of goods marked as a special order should be discussed in individual order.

You can pay for your order by transferring money to our currency account in Bank or with the help of "Western Union - Money Transfer".

We deliver our production with the help of transport companies. If you'll have any additional questions, please send them by e-mail fff@stoneflower.ru or call us Office telephone: 007(3512)67-29-12

We wish you the successful shopping!

Подарок от нас - подарок на всю жизнь!

Мы предлагаем Вам уникальные изделия из натуральных Уральских камней и бронзы. Все, что Вам нужно - просто сделать выбор. Искусно выполненная вручную мастерами-профессионалами работа станет незабываемым подарком для Ваших любимых на всю жизнь. Подарите им вечность!


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