Подарок от нас - подарок на всю жизнь!

454091 г.Челябинск, ул. К.Либкнехта, 2-210
Тел.: (351) 271-99-38
Email: souvenirural@stoneflower.ru



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About company

Center of Souvenirs and Gifts "Darit" supplies numerous connoisseurs of stone, bronze, and birch bark in cities of Russia and in Near and Far Abroad with crafts made by Ural masters. And it doesn't surprises - for hundred of years Ural stone-cutters are famous for their highly artistic crafts made of natural stone. And Ural birch bark lace charm women all over the world with its' beauty and grace. And excellent pieces of art made of artistic bronze and cast-iron are considered to be the best in the world since 19 century.

The mission of company "Darit" is to preserve Russian crafts and to create conditions for their development in new millennium and popularization all over the world!

Main directions of Center of Souvenirs and Gifts "Darit" are:

- wholesale and retail delivery of Ural art crafts;
- exclusive production by customers' drafts and sketches;
- drawing congratulatory inscriptions, state and trade marks by the wish of the client;
- selling of souvenir and present production in our trading network in shops of Chelyabinsk.

Center of Souvenirs and Gifts "Darit" invites all companies and organizations to the business partnership. We are interested in long-lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation that is aimed at success. We'll examine your offers.

You can connect with us:

e-mail:  fff@stoneflower.ru


Подарок от нас - подарок на всю жизнь!

Мы предлагаем Вам уникальные изделия из натуральных Уральских камней и бронзы. Все, что Вам нужно - просто сделать выбор. Искусно выполненная вручную мастерами-профессионалами работа станет незабываемым подарком для Ваших любимых на всю жизнь. Подарите им вечность!


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