Our present is a present for all life!

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Beautiful clocks of many different models and size made of natural Urals stones are a symbol of times infinity.
You may become the owner of eternity.
Stone picture is really alive landscape where nature herself takes part in their production. Stone crumb nicely substituted artificial colours. Its live picture with live colours in your house or office.
Write articles
You can make your work bright adding to it a part of nature. Large assortment of goods will makes it possible for you to choose the most suitable for you table writing articles made of Urals stones.
Do you want to make a present? Remarkable souvenirs will help you to make happy choice. You just need to look.
Business presents
You can make the truly tzar presents for connoisseurs of exquisite things. Created by skilful masters such presents will become a pleasant surprise for everyone.
Elite gifts
Do you prefer magnificence and originality in everything? Then resplendence of real tsar`s table appointments is created for you.

Our present is a present for all life!

We offer you unique products made of natural Urals' stones and bronze. All you need is just make your choice. Our production, which was skillfully made by professional masters, will be unforgettable present for your close people for a long time. Present them eternity!


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